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College Provost

The college provost is the senior academic administrator of ACHCONSA. It is the equivalent of a deputy vice-chancellor. it is, in this sense, the equivalent of a master at other colleges.

Responsibilities of the Office of the Provost

    Provost has primary responsibility for the academic activities on the ACHCONSA campus. She also attends to the day-to-day functioning of the college.

    The provost meets with the college council members to discuss campus policies and practices, and to address campus-wide issues that cross divisional lines. she is responsible for implementing the college strategic plan. she is charged with oversight of the processes related to the campus’ re-accreditation by the Nigerian Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMCN). The provost also assists in the development of strategic initiatives for the campus, including fundraising and development strategies.

    The provost is responsible for the education undergraduate students on campus. she sets priorities with regard to admissions and financial aid, and works to ensure student retention and timely graduation. she is also in charge of all cross-college programs, including general education. With regard to curriculum and education, the provost works in close consultation with the Department(s) in the spirit of shared governance.

    The provost oversees budget allocations to college units and works with them for planning, development, implementation, assessment, and improvement of all academic programs, policies, and supporting infrastructure including facilities and information technology. she has direct responsibility for the recruitment, retention, and renewal of the department(s), and contributes to maintaining the infrastructure that assists the faculty in teaching and research.