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The Basic Midwifery educational program like the general nursing is a six semester program of study. Being a three (3) year course, each year has two (2) semesters and there is examination at the end of each semester. The final qualifying examination comes after 3rd semester, 3rd year. Successful candidates are allowed to apply for registration and other things. Students who were not successful are given a chance to repeat the failed courses/papers. Students who fail more than 50% of the courses at first semester first year have no chance of re-sitting the papers.

Philosophy and Objectives

The aim of this program is to prepare competent, skilled, versatile and independent midwifes, capable of providing high level health care to individuals and expectant families in their homes, communities, hospitals, rural and urban health centers of the society, for optimal infant, maternal, family and societal wellbeing. Specific objectives of the Midwifery Program include the fact that the students at the end of their midwifery program will be able to:


The courses in the curriculum are those contained in the approved 6th Edition curriculum of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (N&MCN, 2016). The courses are contained in the curriculum are described below.

First Year

First Semester

  • BMP 110 Foundation of Nursing I
  • BMP 111 Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BMP 112 Applied Physics
  • BMP 113 Applied Chemistry
  • BMP 114 Behavioral Science I
  • BMP 115 Use of English
  • BMP 116 Microbiology
  • BMP 117 Primary Health Care I
  • BMP 118 Nutrition
  • BMP 119 Hospital Based Clinical Practice I

Second Semester

  • BMP 120 Foundation of Nursing II
  • BMP 121 Anatomy and Physiology II
  • BMP 122 Behavioral Science II
  • BMP 123 Introduction to Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • BMP 124 Pharmacology I
  • BMP 125 Medical-Surgical Nursing I
  • BMP 126 Primary Health Care II
  • BMP 127 Seminar in Clinical Practice I
  • BMP 128 Community Based Practice I

Second Year

First Semester

  • BMP 210 Applied Anatomy and Physiology
  • BMP 211 Fundamentals of Midwifery Practice
  • BMP 212 Normal Midwifery
  • BMP 213 Pharmacology II
  • BMP 214 Infant I
  • BMP 215 Community Midwifery
  • BMP 216 Medical/Surgical Nursing II
  • BMP 217 Seminar in Midwifery Practice I
  • BMP 218 Hospital Based Midwifery Practice II

Second Semester

  • BMP 220 Infant II
  • BMP 221 Complicated Midwifery I
  • BMP 222 Child Health
  • BMP 223 Mental Health Nursing
  • BMP 224 Family Planning
  • BMP 225 Research Methods/Statistics
  • BMP 226 Seminar in Midwifery Practice II
  • BMP 227 Community Based Midwifery Practice II

Third Year

First Semester

  • BMP 310 Reproductive Health I
  • BMP 311 Complicated Midwifery II
  • BMP 312 Principles of Management and Teaching
  • BMP 313 Seminar in Midwifery Practice III
  • BMP 314 Research Project
  • BMP 315 Hospital Based Midwifery Practice III
  • BMP 316 Community Based Midwifery Practice III

Second Semester

  • BMP 320 Reproductive Health II
  • BMP 321 Expectant Family Care Project
  • BMP 322 Seminar in Midwifery Practice IV
  • BMP 323 Community Based Midwifery Practice IV
  • BMP 324 Hospital Based Midwifery Practice IV

All other courses prescribed by the College

All Courses shall run for one semester or full session of two (2) semesters.